Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Favorite song ♥

So, once again. WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG ♥
Have you take a look in my real blog? Here you go www.itsribkalicious.blogspot.com. Feel free to contact me there. I'm actually a friendly person, so if you wanna be friends with me, it's okay :)
So, tell me about your day! is it bad? or is it good? i really wanna hear your story! Well, my day is always good. Because it's good to be happy. And the key of happiness is a smile. Smiles, it's just a simple word. But one smile can change everything! If you don't believe me just try it to smile everyday. Because when we smile, it's always give us to think with positive way, and a smile can change someone's day.

The best movie ever!

Hi guys! So, how's your holiday? Mine was so fun. i went to Thailand. Yeaa, Thailand is such a good place and i miss Thailand so badly:(
but i still don't believe it, my vacation is over. Holiday is over. I need more holiday, hiks T.T i wish there's a summer in indonesia, so i can get a very long holiday. Hahaha, nevermind.