Friday, September 28, 2012

black + white

Pretty, girly, black and white photos. I love a peter pan collar and liquid eyeliner...

current obssesion

pretty pink and peach and grey.

favourite : to keep warm

Over here right now, the weather is terrible. So windy, so cold. The only thing you can do in such a state of affairs is to stay inside to get warm and cozy - with the help of a fluffy sheepskin, some woolly socks, a cute coat and a pot of hot tea.

mid century modern

I'm loving the mid century modern architecture and styling of this house in England, home to interior designer Kathryn Tyler. The majority of the furniture are refurbished vintage finds, I'm already wondering how I am going to get my hands on one of those Knoll couches.

chaunté vaughn

Loving these gorgeous photos by Chaunté Vaughn, featuring the lovely little Kayla and some lovely big headpieces by Jessi Butterfield.

handmade found: laomato

I am not always a big jewellery girl, I go through phases. But right now I'm loving soft yellow gold pieces, even mixed with white gold. These gorgeous pieces I found over at Laonato just fit the bill.

handmade blackbird and the owl

Gorgeous little leather pieces from Blackbird and the Owl, available from their Etsy shop.

modern vintage

I often think that my style around the home would be best described as "cozy modern vintage", meaning modern colours and shapes - but not so modern that it looks cold and stark - with vintage touches. This lovely house tour, shot by Dustin and Whitney Deal, would probably fit into this category. I love when I can spot IKEA pieces, as it makes me feel as though the look is accesible!

happy friday

hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

Monday, September 24, 2012

dan. do black label

Oh how I am crazy in love with these beauties from the Black Label! That blue feather piece is just divine! And its called "Up To No Good"! All the Black Label pieces have amazing colour and texture combinations and a whole lot of drama and sparkle. Oh yea.

handmade find: katie jeans

Oh my goodness, pretty dresses! I love anything with tulle, lace or ribbon... And anything that happens to have a whole lot of sparkle involved! Katie Jean makes gorgeous vintage styled wedding dresses, and dresses for other special occasions too. And they're darn lovely. Now who's going to help me install a gold glitter backdrop in my lounge room?

white walls

Here's a little small-space decorating inspiration for your Wednesday afternoon. I am loving well put together, white walls of frames. Especially ones that hold old LIFE magazine covers and prints of birds in suits and ties.

handmade find: stitch me stuff

Sometimes I find buying gifts for adults really, really difficult. However, for some reason I always find it easy to find things for little ones. Like these lovely little bunnies, bears and dolls from Stitch Me Stuff. Adorable, right?

pretty scarves

I have a little addiction to scarves; that little scarf-spot on my chest is always cold. I just found these pretty ones from Louisa Parris, and I just love them. The colours are to die for. And if you pop over to her site, she'll show you just the right way to fold them (and you can see their size properly - these babies are big!)

current obsession

My top loves at the moment... Yes, I must admit that I still cannot get enough chevron. Especially gold chevron. When will it end?

minimalist poster

I have a soft spot for minimalist posters. Like these. I've liked Jason Munn's work for  a long while, these are some of my favourites. Just note - some of these are out of print, but I still wanted to show you because they're just so good.

kate spade

Here's a little sneak peek of Kate Spade's S/S 2012 collection. A little whimsy, a little preppy, and totally gorgeous. Filled with spots and stripes, this range also features Florence Broadhurst prints, which very exciting!

handmade find: chimpunk cheek

Oh, look what I found! Lovely little flora and fauna prints for your walls. Aren't they just darling?

this spring

This spring, now its getting warmer, I'm hoping to be wearing this outfit. Lots.

glam + girly

Here's a little mini house tour for your day. How wonderful is that striped bathroom? And that bedroom? I now have my heart set on a glam, girly room, just like this one.

handmade find: studio snowpuppe

From The Netherlands, Studio Snowpuppe make these beautiful paper origami light shades by hand. Aren't they just amazing? I love the way the paper softens the light. They're available from the Studio Snowpuppe Etsy shop, or you can pop over to their tumblr site for a looksie.

phillip lim kids

OK, so I don't usually blog about kids' things on here, but oh, my, I simply could not resist this latest collection for little people from Phillip Lim. Cuteness!

handmade find: tiny toadstool

I have a soft spot for these lovely wool accessories. They are made by hand, then embroidered by hand. Have you ever seen such a cute beret? Or collar? Or mittens? With the most perfect colour combinations?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fairy Tale

Have i told you that i'm a fairy-tale maniac? Well, i really don't care about what people say about me. I'm a childish person, it's more good than became the old one. right?
If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Favorite song ♥

So, once again. WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG ♥
Have you take a look in my real blog? Here you go Feel free to contact me there. I'm actually a friendly person, so if you wanna be friends with me, it's okay :)
So, tell me about your day! is it bad? or is it good? i really wanna hear your story! Well, my day is always good. Because it's good to be happy. And the key of happiness is a smile. Smiles, it's just a simple word. But one smile can change everything! If you don't believe me just try it to smile everyday. Because when we smile, it's always give us to think with positive way, and a smile can change someone's day.

The best movie ever!

Hi guys! So, how's your holiday? Mine was so fun. i went to Thailand. Yeaa, Thailand is such a good place and i miss Thailand so badly:(
but i still don't believe it, my vacation is over. Holiday is over. I need more holiday, hiks T.T i wish there's a summer in indonesia, so i can get a very long holiday. Hahaha, nevermind.